A share certificate is a document that is issued to each shareholder by a company. This document acts as legal proof for ownership stating the number of shares shown. Each shareholder needs to be issued their own unique share certificate. A share register document is a list of all active shareholders in a company. This document is updated on an ongoing basis, whenever there is a change in shareholdership.

Companies are required to issue both these documents after registration. When opening a bank account for your company, your bank will probably ask you to provide them with these documents The CIPC, which registers companies, does not keep any information on shareholders. This means that they cannot issue share certificates.

BizCertify offers a set of share certificates as well as a share register for an all-inclusive price of R220 R180. Remember, each shareholder needs their own unique certificate. If, for example, a company has 6 shareholders; we'll issue 6 different share certificates plus a share register for only R220 R180. All these documents are available online, instantly. Note that we can only issue the documents after we have received payment. You can either pay online using you bank card or you can make a deposit to our bank account, then send us your proof of payment. Account details are available under your dashboard.

Third parties are also welcomed. Third parties are those who use our services to apply on behalf of their clients. We've got a special deal for all third parties who make use of our website. Instead of the usual R220 R180 that we charge everyone, third parties are charged only R150 per application. To qualify, you must first do at least 5 applications, after that we'll change your profile to a third party profile.