Who We Are

BizCertify was established and registered in 2015. The main aim back then was to help the general public with CIPC services, like registering new companies, filing annual returns, etc. Over the years the CIPC has made it easy for anyone to register their own company online and reduced their turnaround time to just a day. For that reason, we realised that there's no need for the services we offered. Recently we decided to focus on one service a lot of companies struggle with, which is the drawing up of share certificates.

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BizCertify now currently focuses only on issueing share certificates and share registers. Should we see the need for other services, we will introduce them. To apply for your share certificate and share register, click on the "SERVICES" link. You need to create a login account then login to your profile before you can apply.

Third parties are also welcomed. Third parties are those who use our services to apply on behalf of their clients. We've got a special deal for all third parties who make use of our website. Instead of the usual R220 R180 that we charge everyone, third parties are charged only R150 per application. To qualify, you must first do at least 5 applications, after that we'll change your profile to a third party profile.